Going the long afar distance for a family meet or just a fun road trip into the wild, everyone needs a vehicle. There might be countless encounters from the world outside.

A bumpy roadway or a short path to escape the heavy traffic might seriously test the limits of both the rider and the vehicle. There may be times of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. What else can be the reasons? An empty tank will be the first reason. The bumpy way has to be endeavoured somehow. But how?  Calling a friend to bring fuel might help or contacting a station nearby might be a remote possibility.

But nobody wants to take these unfortunate chances. Hence what can we do to increase the mileage of bikes? What is the best mileage bike in India 150cc?

Tips and popular myths to increase bike mileage

There are numerous tips available on the internet as to how one could increase a bike’s mileage efficiency. These tips might help each and every long road trippers reach their destinations without getting entrenched in the middle of nowhere. It might sometimes get impossible to get out of the place without having to leave the bike back.

And the separation is indeed a painful process for bike owners.

Drive at a steady speed.                  

This is a proven method to help bikers achieve efficient fuel manage. It might seem that driving at a constant speed might be challenging on some occasions. Times like heavy traffic or an unusual road with cracks and bruises might challenge the rivers ability to maintain a constant speed. However, a long drive along the coast or a highway might facilitate the driver to ride at a constant speed and manage the fuel efficiency. It is also good to choose a good way around over a bumpy roadway.

Maintain ideal tyre pressure.

It is a proven fact that maintaining an ideal tire pressure helps to keep the needle to the right for a long time. Maintaining the proper pressure on tires is as important as maintaining the internal parts of the vehicle. However, Under-inflated tires and overinflated tire can seriously lower gas mileage and drop efficiency around  0.2% for every 1 psi drop in the pressure of the tires. Properly inflated tires are safer and can last for a longer period of time.

Getting engine tuned and motorcycle serviced regularly 

Engine tuning is one of the most important parts in maintaining the mileage of the bike. The tuning process includes various services such as routine adjustment of the carburettor and the ignition system.  Also setting up an efficient air-fuel ratio, maintaining the spark plug, carburettor are some of the common processes carried out during the engine tuning.  This not only increases the mileage but increases the overall efficiency of the bike.

Best mileage bike in India 150cc

Any bike can be the best bike if maintained properly and taken good care of.

There are numerous bikes in India with good mileage at 150cc. However, maintaining every bike well and following the above tips might increase the efficiency of the bike no matter what the bike is. Vehicles last long and they are the best companions.

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