If no, then this is what is there for you – the Viper Remote Start.

The Viper Remote Start two-way car security and remote start system comes with innovative features packed into a small modern package. It houses the Responder LC3 remote control featuring a larger LCD image and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This system features an elegant 5-button one-way remote control.

The Viper Remote Start allows you to control everything even from your Smartphone with the Viper SmartStart module and also you can access your vehicle from anywhere with your phone service. With the Responder LC3 remote you can check the temperature inside your vehicle.

Viper car alarms the best-known brand in the world. With the Viper car alarm system, you get features such as the Control Center for convenience and the dual-zone shock sensor for absolute protection, loud multi-tone siren, and the 4-channel system means you have as many as 24 separate function controls from your remote.

Short-run Turbo Mode

Short-run turbo mode keeps the engine running for a programmable period after arriving at your destination. This allows the system’s time to cool down the turbo after you have left the vehicle.

Optional Rear Window Defogger

When the feature is programmed on, the rear defogger automatically activates during the remote start sequence if the temperature at the control module is below 55°F. If the temperature is greater than 55°F at the control module when the remote start is activated, the rear defogger does not turn on.

Multi-car Control Capability

Your 2-way remote control can operate up to four vehicles with full command capability for all vehicles.

Paging Features

The control module sends a page to the remote as confirmation of a received command, or alarm system status. When the remote receives a page notification, it beeps or vibrates and the alarm status, armed/locked or disarmed/unlocked, appears on the LCD.

Remote Start

This feature allows you to remotely start and run your vehicle for a period of time. This warms up the engine, as well as adjusts the interior temperature of the vehicle with the climate control system.

Valet Mode

You can prevent your system from automatically arming/locking and triggering by using Valet Mode. This is a very important tool while washing the vehicle or having it serviced.

Pit Stop Mode

The Pit Stop mode feature allows the vehicle to remain in the running condition even after the key has been removed from the ignition.

A complete Viper remote start system, including the Viper SmartStart system has the following features

  • 1 Year of Secure service included
  • Viper SmartStart GPS capable
  • Remote start system
  • CDMA Fast Performance
  • Keyless entry
  • Virtually unlimited range!
  • Lock / Arm
  • Unlock / Disarm
  • Remote Car Starter
  • Viper SmartStart GPS
  • SmartFence
  • Vehicle Alerts
  • Vehicle Status
  • Trunk Release
  • Auxiliary Function Support
  • Viper Motor Club
  • Siren
  • Shock Sensor

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