The need to have clear windscreen and an efficient wiper blade for your car cannot be over-emphasized. Regardless of the model or brand of your vehicle – be it a vintage Ferrari, or an Aston martin V12, your driving will be surely impaired if you do not have a clear view of your driveway.

Some weather conditions can reduce your visibility when driving and attempting to predict the weather before embarking on journey can be frustrating regardless of your location.  However, you can save yourselves the stress of predicting fluctuating weathers conditions if you have your heated wiper blades on stand-by. With Crystal Clear Blades, you are assured of clear visibility all year round as they are designed to ensure your safety while driving.

Before acquiring a safety heated wiper blades, it is imperative to first measure the dimensions (length/width) of your vehicle screen. This is important, since different vehicles have their own unique measurements and it will be unwise to assume. Also, bear in mind that it is recommended that you change your wiper blades yearly.

Characteristics of Wiper Blades

For optimum performance, wiper blades are laced with some added features which you look out for. Some of them include;

Winterized wipers – Unlike traditional blades (whose designs enable them collect snow), this unique feature makes it possible for the heated winter blades to reduce accumulated snow.

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Heated – heated wiper blade can easily cut through snow and ice thanks to the heat generated by the blades. Connection of the heated wiper in various cars differs; it could either be via wiring to the car’s electric system, or a direct connection to a cigarette lighter. It all depends on your car’s design.

Material – This is another important feature to critically observe when choosing wipers. Since most wiper blades are manufactured from rubber or halogen-hardened rubber, they are easily susceptible to wear and tear.  Here are a few pointers to help you choose the right material for your wiper blade

  • When exposed to sunlight over time, the rubber edges start to breakdown, resulting in collision of the main frame with the windshield. This not only creates scratches, but dampens visibility.
  • Unlike the rubber counterparts, silicone wiper blades help to create a water resistant layer that sheds off the water or droplets effectively.
  • A good combination of both rubber and silicon creates a perfect match for your windscreen.

One cannot dispute the necessity of a windshield when driving on a snowy day. But while they are important, not having heated wiper blades to help slice through the thick snow clogging your windshield can become increasingly frustrating. Why not save yourself the agonies of frustration by using heated wiper blades?

One advantage of the heated wiper blades is that they are more durable than traditional wipers as they last longer due to their sturdiness and unique designs. So take advantage of them and put these frustrating times behind you once and for all.

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