Thermostat housing is an essential part of every vehicle/automobile. In many vehicles, the thermostat housing serves as a cooling system. The main purpose of thermostat is to contain the engine thermostat and provide coolant outlet to the radiator. Thermostat is a heat sensitive valve that opens and closes as antifreeze where water solution circulates through the engine heat and cools down internal cooling system of the vehicle.

But! If the thermostat or gaskets leaks or if the housing system got crack causing engine overheat; then the outcomes could be serious and damaging. So, in today’s post we are discussing everything that you need to know about Ford 302 Thermostat Housing . Let’s get started and see what the main causes of thermostat failure are and how to fix them.

Reasons Causing Thermostat Failure

The thermostat of any vehicle could fail due to the following reasons;

  • Due to Broken serpentine belt
  • Due to damaged cooling fans
  • Due to damaged radiator
  • Due to broken water pump
  • Due to plugged passages overheating

Locate Thermostat

After knowing what exactly causing problem in your thermostat, the next step is to figure out where your thermostat is located. Well, many people fail to find where the thermostat exactly is. Most thermostats are located exactly at the top radiator hose joins the engine. If you don’t find it at the top then it must be at the bottom of radiator.

Important Points While Replacing thermostat

Now, one must pay attention while replacing thermostat from vehicles to avoid potential repair problems associated with care thermostat replacement.

  1. Wait for the radiator and engine to cool down before replacing thermostat. Due to the fact that the cooling system is under pressure when hot. This may cause a serious burn.
  1. Use radiator drain valve to drain the quarts of coolant before disconnecting the upper radiator hous from thermostat.
  1. Use a fix-point wrench to remove the 2-3 housing mount bolts. Using six-point tools will prevent rounding off the bolts’ head.
  1. When lifting up the thermostat housing always tap it with rubber or plastic handle. As the casings are made of aluminum they can brake easily.
  1. Always check the alignment of thermostat inside of the housing before lifting it from housing. The best way to identify in which direction the bleed pins are.
  1. Last but not the least, once you are done with thermostat removal; cover it with a clean rag. This will prevent sealant and other gasket material to go into engine.

A thermostat is no doubt plays an important part when it comes to car maintenance. A thermostat replacement job is not a big deal for any car holder. Although it does hold technical points to keep in mind but, at least no one need special tools or skills to fix it. Even you can do it in your own garage. But as the matter of fact if you want your vehicle to be maintained then you must know everything you need to know about thermostat housing.

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