Car detailing involves a detailed cleaning process accompanied mainly by the restoration of damaged components. External car detailing is beneficial in protecting the body parts, glass, and paint from contaminants, harmful sun rays, and the damage that comes from regular driving. Remember that even a simple act of washing your car can cause great harm if you use the wrong procedures or products.

For example, ceramic coatings such as NextGen ceramic spray come in handy as the last step to give your car unparalleled protection and shine on a more permanent basis than waxing. Detailing your car is not difficult with these top tips and tricks.

Get the right supplies and towels.

The first step to maintaining your car in good condition is getting the right supplies and towels. Invest smartly in some plush microfiber towels and a proper wash mitt for cleaning your car’s exterior while reducing the risks of scratching its surface.

Routine shampooing

Car detailing is about keeping your car’s paintwork looking great all through. Ensure you wash your car at least every fortnight. Washing or shampooing your vehicle not only eliminates dirt but also reduces abrasion and deters the onset of rust. When cleaning your car, start with the interior. Remove the floor mats to wash them from outside and give the interior a good scrub. Then clean its exterior while taking care of its surface.

Use chamois or microfiber to dry your car.

Before applying a product such as The Last Coat to add a sheen to your car, ensure you dry thoroughly using microfiber towels or chamois rather than the traditional cotton towels. Microfiber towels absorb water better and ensure that no streak marks are left after drying the surface. It is incredibly best for drying out your window glasses but be careful not to rub the interior windows too hard if they have a window tint.

Treat your trim before applying polish.

Note that black plastic trim on your car requires a different kind of care and maintenance from the rest of your car’s bodywork. After washing it, it is advisable to treat it with a black restoring product before polishing the surrounding metalwork of your car. This is because polishes can stain plastic parts, so it is good to treat the trim first. Before you polish your car, be sure to read reviews about the product, for example, the HydroSilex review, to master the proper application process.

Buff your vehicle’s paintwork

Buffing your vehicle’s paintwork makes a big difference in its ultimate look. But you only have to polish your car if it is necessary as the last step of the detailing job or before you apply a ceramic coating. Ensure you learn how to apply ceramic coating to end up with a balanced sheen on all your car’s exterior surfaces.

Protect your car’s exterior

A good way to protect your car’s exterior is to use a high-end ceramic coating that provides unrivaled protection on its surface. Unlike wax that only lasts a few weeks, the ceramic coating gives your car a more permanent sheen. You will be delighted to learn that in DIY ceramic coating, most of the work is in the surface prep stage, which you have already completed.

the final words

Think of detailing as an excellent time investment to maintain the good value of your car.

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