If you own a car, then you’ll always protect it from various circumstances that may lead to damage. We even inspect these automobiles before driving around to guarantee our safety. However, no matter how careful we are, unexpected situations may still occur.

For example, while driving, a rock or hard object hit the windshield. We don’t want to worsen the condition, thus, experts can address this issue immediately. We’ll have to go for a windshield repair in Chilliwack for consultation.

Keep in mind that windshields should always be flawless. Nothing must block our vision so that we can see the road clearly through this. That’s why if there’s a chip on it, then we have to repair this soon.

What’s a chip

What’s a chip?

This occurs when hard objects, such as pebbles, rocks, stones, and other debris accidentally hit your car’s windshield. Most of the materials used are glass or fiberglass, that’s why a spot will be left after the impact nicks at it.

Sometimes, the chip made is small so you can still manage to drive. But when it’s a distraction to your line of sight, it can be dangerous. Because of this, you may not feel comfortable on the road and accidents likely happen.

Of course, you won’t allow that, so you have to be responsible. Bring this vehicle to the garage and let the auto experts handle it – see https://www.readersdigest.ca/cars/maintenance/why-you-need-repair-chipped-car-windshield/ for further reading.

Types of Chips

Depending on the impact and material of your windshield, the chips incurred may vary. This includes:

  • A star break resembles a starburst shape. You’ll notice different lengths of slight cracks coming from the spot. This will weaken the windscreen and start spreading, thus, immediate repairs are required.
  • Bee’s wing is alike a star break and can be repaired.
  • We also have a clover leaf type of damage. This separates the glass under-layer.
  • The bull’s eye is common damage. It looks like a hole with a center pit. Trained technicians can easily repair this when sent to the garage on time.
  • Half-moon’s like the bull’s eye but this one has a half-circle in the center.
  • Combination breaks mean two or more types occurred on your windscreen. In this state, you shouldn’t drive it – find here the law.

Where to Get Repairs

You should only send your car to trained and licensed auto technicians in Chilliwack. Repairing a windscreen requires skills, thus, it must be taken care of by professionals. Precision and experience in this field is a must.

A garage with the appropriate tools and equipment would be ideal. The damage will be examined thoroughly and the right treatment will be given. If repairs or remedies are impossible, then they’ll suggest you replace them when required.

Where to Get Repairs

Steps to Repair a Windscreen

We don’t always need a replacement when damages are repairable. This is why we must make sure that we’re dealing with professionals. Let’s check on how these people deal with our issues.

  1. The auto technician will inspect the issue. He needs to be thorough in figuring out the type of chip incurred. In this way, he can tell you if the damage can be repaired or replaced.
  2. After assessing the chip, he needs to check a few factors. This includes the level of impact received and the amount of debris embedded on the surface. If it needs repair, he can’t leave this spot dirty because that will stain the glass.
  3. They will wash the surface and dry this. Moisture and debris must be eliminated.
  4. When repairing, they have to drill the area where the chip occurred to remove leftover debris. They will use a resin or inject an adhesive to seal the chip. This adhesive will be left to dry.
  5. If it has dried completely, they will polish the surface to be smooth again.

Steps to Repair a Windscreen

Tips to Avoid Chips

There will always be a way to avoid incurring chips. Nobody would like to drive damaged vehicles, anyway. Thus, you must practice the following:

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