Motorcycle can be great fun; they are exhilarating and generally good looking.  There is also an amazing feeling of freedom when you ride down the highway and into the sunset.  However, no matter how good your motorcycle is there is always something you can do to improve or customize it.  

Accessorizing and customizing your motorcycle allows you to stamp your own personal touch on your bike; this can be purely cosmetic or performance related.  Most accessories can be purchased and fitted yourself, although at times you may prefer to seek professional assistance.

When you decide to customize your bike it is worth finding a good supplier of accessories.  This will ensure you have the best possible parts to add to your bike; if you are going to customize it is worth doing it properly!

The FZ09 Akrapovic Exhaust

This is an impressive piece of equipment which will provide you with an incredible, deep throaty roar whilst riding.  It can also be combined with re-mapping the engine to improve performance and even increased engine efficiency.  The FZ09 Akrapovic exhaust can be purchased as just the end piece; providing the look and sound of the entire system.  Or, you can opt for the full system which will allow the engine to be retuned and maximize the return for your funds.  


There are a wide variety of kits which can be purchased and bolted onto your motorcycle.  Body kits are exceptionally easy to deal with as most parts on a motorcycle simply bolt on and off.

This will allow you to transform the look of your bike into something which reflects your personality.  It is also worth noting that the body kit is generally a cheaper option to re-spraying your entire bike.


There are many different types of camera which can be fitted to your bike.  Some are for security but others are for pleasure and education.  The best cameras will record your ride, even the sound of your FZ09 Akrapovic exhaust!  You can then replay them to enjoy the memory or learn from the ride.


Whether you have a chopper, cruiser or sports bike you will have your own preferred choice of handlebar style and size.  You can purchase virtually any style you wish to make your bike look just the way you want it.  All you have to do is make sure that you can reach the controls comfortably.

Cell Phone Mount

Just because you are a born again biker does not mean that you do not wish or need to stay in touch with the rest of the world.  You can purchase a range of mounts which will provide you with a place for your cell phone or even your GPS.  

In truth the number of accessories which can be added to your motorcycle is virtually limitless; especially if you include the items which can be custom made.  So whether your preference is a FZ09 Akrapovic exhaust system or a full body respray; you can make your bike just what you want it to be.


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