If you want to keep your car tires in good condition, then it is imperative to maintain it properly. As a car owner, you are supposed to know that it is dangerous and illegal to drive your car with damaged tires. As far as the maintenance of your bmw e90 wheels tire is concerned, there are several things, which you need to do in this regard.

Car maintenance tips


You are supposed to change the position of your car tires. While doing so make sure that there is no wear and tear in the tires. You may be aware that the front tires of your car carry more weight. This is the reason why they tend to wear out at a much faster weight, then of the back tires. This is the reason why you need to change the position of your car tires; it will help you enhance their life span. There are different recommendations by car tire manufacturers, most of them advise to rotate every 10000 kilometre .You can do cross rotation and straight rotation.

Thread depth

Thread depth means the depth that is on the face of car tire, this is the part, whichmeets the road. There is an important feature of tire, as it will remove the water, which is on the road and meets tire. The thread on the car tires ensures that your car will remain under control. Over the period tireswear out. The wearing out process increases if you drive on uneven roads. The design of tire and your driving practice also plays a significant role in wearing out. Suppose you are fond of high speed driving, then you have to take hard brakes, this practice deteriorates the condition of tires.

Wheel alignment

This is an important factor; you need to check the alignment of bmw e90 wheels and axels at regular intervalsespecially if you are driving on uneven roads. A proper alignment will make sure that your car tires are work at the optimum level. This will safe your fuel, enhance safety, protect tires from wear and tear.

Wheel balancing

This will safeguard your bearings and suspension. Proper wheel balancing will stop the vibration. People who are driving at high speeds may be aware that bubbling starts if the balancing is not proper. That is why it is imperative to visit a reputed tire specialist for wheel balancing. This will give you peace of mind as your car is in safe hands. They will do the repairingin the best possible manner.

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