Not everyone loves the extreme cold of winter. It can be harsh and unforgiving and it can make it very hard to enjoy your day. But did you know that you could make your life a little easier—in the coldest winter months—with a remote car starter?

Sure, a remote start might seem like a luxury feature but you might just find some excellent, practical benefits to installing Tech Teinte car starters in your vehicles, particularly in cold weather.



Even the most well-built new car could benefit from a little time in the morning before you get going.  When you live in a cold climate you know how difficult it can be to get going in the morning.  Your engine has several fluids that can freeze or, at least, gel a little in the cold.  If you can take the time to let your engine a little before you take off for the day you may just find the ride is a little smoother.  With a remote starter you won’t have to walk outside in the freezing cold just to start your car and then go back in the house.  This not only saves you that frozen trip outside but also gives you a little more time to pay attention to your morning routines: breakfast, shower, workout, prep the kids, whatever it is you like to do in the morning to get your day started right.


Another great thing about starting your car remotely—from the safety and comfort of your bedroom or living room—is that you can be proactive in heating up the interior.  Indeed, you have to be a little proactive about this because what you are going to want to do is set your temperature gauges before you turn off your car the night before.  Set the temperature for warm or hot and make sure the blowers are on high. When you start your car the next morning, the engine will warm up and so will the interior.  It might also be a good idea to set the window defroster/defogger, too.

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