If you’re looking to buy a WAV (wheelchair access vehicle) but don’t feel you need a brand-new WAV, there are a wide choice of used or second hand wheelchair accessible vehicles in the market to buy one for a cheap price when compared to a new one.  Whether you are looking for a small used WAV for you and your partner, or you’re looking for a larger converted vehicle for your family or group, you will find something to suit your purpose. 

What is WAV?

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) are the perfect solution to all your mobility needs and can make a highly significant impact on your everyday life. From visiting friends and family, going to work and going shopping- a fully equipped and wheelchair accessible vehicle will make every part of your day that much more straightforward. To read more on used WAV’s, wheelchair-accessible-vehicles.uk website has more Information on Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in the UK.

Finding a Reputed RAC Approved Dealer

The most important aspect when searching for a used WAV is find a reputed RAC Approved Dealer as this will give you complete peace of mind when buying used disabled vehicles sold from an approved wheelchair access vehicle dealer. Make sure your dealer is certified beforehand and has experience in dealing with disabled vehicles and the needs of the driver and its passengers. You should typically look for someone who stocks used WAVs from various leading manufacturers including Volkswagen, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, and Fiat to suit most budgets.  

The used WAV dealer should also offer a selection of ex-rental and ex-demonstration wheelchair access vehicles, plus used motability cars for sale.  These include adapted vehicles with a selection of disabled driving aids, swivel seats and wheelchair storage solutions you will need to do your research to find out what is available as if you have specialist needs, you may not be able to find a suitable used vehicle like considering Seating position, headroom, and entrance height. 

More information on 82 Point RAC Approved Preparation Check which consists of checks on Vehicle History including Engine Compartment, Road Wheels & Tyre Checks, Road Test, Underbody, Exterior and Interior checks, visit RAC’s website for detailed information. 

Required Used WAV’s Checks 

You will also need to check on the following when buying a used WAV like having RAC warranty and RAC breakdown cover, an accident care from RAC is also advisable. You will need to check the car data like Vehicle History Check to determine the number of previous owners, any past issues with the vehicle or any prior accidents and inquire on the current and past MOT details. Also find out for any warranty is including in the price or you need to pay additional for extended warranty. To ensure you are happy with your wheelchair accessible vehicle we will carry out a full assessment to ensure the car is suitable for your needs by one of our experienced sales demonstrators. Whatever your needs we will be here to help and advise you on your mobility requirements.

Buying a used wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a complex process if you do not have all the information required to make an informed decision. We hope the information compiled in this article will help and guide you through the process of buying used wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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