You have just come out of the supermarket with the weeks shopping and are loading it into the car when you notice something that wasn’t there before. Someone has dinged your car with a shopping trolley. You park your car at a footie match taking great care to not park it too close to other vehicles and when you come back to the car, there it is, the dent. This has happened to all of us at some point and it’s not the big deal it used to be where you had to go and get the whole panel knocked out and re-sprayed. Thankfully, there are now more cost effective, time saving options, and we will discuss them now.

No Fuss Repairs.

We have all experienced the first new dent in our brand new cars and to say it’s upsetting is a huge understatement. We love our cars in Australia and we wash them and polish them weekly. Thankfully, there is a solution and it comes in the form of paintlessdent removal, and it is a great way to get your car back to how it looked before. There is no painting and sanding, and there is no traditional putty involved. The procedure focuses on the outside of your vehicle, and the dent is pushed and pulled back to where it was originally. They use a straight light tool to make sure everything is straight and smooth, and it is by far, cheaper to do than the conventional method. What’s more, it usually only takes a day.

No Painting.

PDR returns your car to how it looked before and there is no worrying about if the paint matches or not. It is your original paint and the dent is removed, nothing else. Tiny alterations take place with PDR, but nothing like what you are used to, in conventional fixing and re-spraying. Having a fairly new car and not having to make big changes to it, can only help the re-sale value. If the dent on your car in only about one inch deep, then paintless dent removal in Perthis going to be very cost effective for you.

Less Time.

It takes much less time to repair with PDR than with the conventional ways, and as stated previously, you should only be without your car for a day at most. If it is a small number of dents, then maybe even faster than that. There is no waiting for the primer or paint to dry as they don’t use any and because there are no chemicals or solvents used, then this procedure gets the Mother Nature stamp of approval.

If the dent on your car or van results in no damage to the paintwork, then it is very likely that the PDR way of mending it is the right choice for you. If you are a little unsure, why not drive your car to your local PDR repair centre and see what they can do. It might save you a lot of money and time and there’s no charge for looking.

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