If you are anywhere in Quebec or Montreal for a trip, it only makes sense that you rent a vehicle to get around. The beauty of Quebec extends beyond the city, and to explore the hinterlands of this region, a car is probably your best companion. Quebec, thankfully, has a whole bunch of car rental service around, so visitors do have enough choices. The good thing is you can rent anything and everything from vans to small, compact cars and SUVs. Services like Location Decarie also have vehicles that can be rented in Quebec on a monthly or weekly basis, as required. Along with that, we also have a few tips on how you can choose the right service.

Follow the basics

First things first, never rent a car without insurance coverage. You might be good at driving with considerable experience, but there are on-road factors that are beyond control. Make sure that the insurance cover is exactly what you need. Find more on how you can book the vehicle. Some rental services make it mandatory to have a credit card for booking, which can be a bummer for visitors and travelers who don’t have one.

On-road assistance is a must

As we mentioned, on-road mishaps are not uncommon. Rental services are expected to offer assistance on the go, so we recommend that you pay a tad more, if required, to get the right car rental. Make sure to check the extent of support they provide and the range of their network. On-road assistance should be provided around the clock, and there should be someone to attend your call without delays.

Pricing matters

Eventually, everything boils down to pricing, and you will want to find a service that’s reliable and accessible at the same time. Check the price quoted and make sure that there are no hidden charges. Some services and rentals may have additional advantages, like pickup from the airport, so check for that, as well. If you are aged 24 or below, car rentals in Quebec may have some restrictions, or in the worst case, you may be asked to pay a surcharge. Find a company that doesn’t have such complicated requirements.

Renting your car for a longer period obviously means saving more money, and therefore, if you plan to stay for more than a week, communicate with the rental service accordingly. Check online now and find your options.

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Iva Larochelle