If you are a dalton resident who is contemplating choices to get the best out of your car, there is a chance you have heard about ethanol-free gas. With tens of options in every product, the fuel for your favorite car is no different.

Whether ethanol-free gas is better for automobiles is hotly debated. Before you look for an ethanol-free gas provider in Dalton, GA, near you, you should also weigh into the debate.

While some gas stations advertise pure oil, others emphasize ethanol free; you can make your own decision. This article will help you know the benefits and disadvantages of ethanol-free gas.


Better mileage

When oil  and ethanol are mixed together, they have decreased fuel efficiency. Due to its higher energy content, pure gasoline is energy-rich and considerably more powerful when ignited. This way, you get more mileage on less fuel as your engine produces more energy for the same amount of fuel.

Less dependency on ethanol crops

More farmers started to grow corn when ethanol was added to gasoline by the United States Government. But this leads to an increase in the price of corn and its products. By using pure fuel, there is a chance of bringing down the cost of corn.

Reduced engine damage

Engine models designed not to operate using ethanol-mixed fuel suffer less harm when it uses ethanol-free gas. Some of the problems associated with using ethanol gas include older rubber seals malfunctioning. Increased vapor pressure is another issue which can cause the carburetor to lock vapor inside. Even more harmful is the fact that ethanol is hydrophilic, which increases the rusting of the interior parts of the engine.

Superior performance

Ethanol-free fuel has high energy content and, therefore, can be used as performance race-grade fuel. If you like taking your car to the race track, ethanol-free fuel might just give you the extra burst of speed you were looking for.

A few disadvantages

Bad for the environment

Many people are choosing ethanol mixed with gas because of the harmful effect of ethanol-free gas on the environment. The contribution of ethanol-free gasoline to pollution and global warming can’t be denied.

Increased dependency on oil imports.

There is a risk of dependence on foreign gas imports. If the gas production in America dries out, it will make us energy dependent on other nations. This requirement for oil trade will contribute to a hike in gasoline prices.

Bad for engines with high compression

These engines have a design suitable to function on mixed fuel or pure ethanol. Such motors’ ratio of compression is high. Increased stress on the machine is risky in such cases. To prevent this from happening, they require fuel with high octane levels. Regular gasoline with a low octane rating is bad for these kinds of engines.

Final Say

Science is finding ways to develop machines that will make your lives easier. Scientists are continually working to invent ideas to reduce the world’s dependence on non-renewable energy. Ensure you opt for a reliable ethanol-free gas provider in Dalton, GA. This is where alternative energy comes into the picture. Apart from making decisions to save more money, we should also think of ways to aid our planet conserve its limited resources.

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