Presence of the right witness and ensuring that the person is trustworthy can help you receive a favourable judgment.

Witnesses can make a big difference in the outcome of any car accident trial. In such situations, it is very common for one driver to put the blame on the other. If both drivers are busy to hold each other responsible for the accident and resulting casualties, the case does not benefit from testimony of any driver to find out the real culprit. In such cases, witness of the third party is the key to determining the fate of trials.

Why Is A Third-Party Witness So Important?

When an insurance company receives any car accident claim, one of the first questions asked by the insurance adjuster is if there was any witness other than the drivers. The adjuster knows it well that one driver’s account is likely to contradict other driver’s version. Depending on which version is backed by the third-party witnesses, the adjuster can accept the most accurate one of the two.

Not All Witnesses Are Trustworthy

Even if there is a witness of a car accident, it is of some importance only if the person is reliable. Usually, the persons, who witness an accident, do not attempt to invent about the movement of the cars and placement of the mishap for future reference. This is especially true if they drive a vehicle that is closer to the cars involved in the accident. Some witnesses are highly concerned about their safety and so try their level best to avoid car crashes.

After a car accident, everything moves at a higher pace. The cars are found speeding away to leave the spot beyond as quickly as possible. Everyone involved needs split-second reactions to respond safely to what happened. Once everything becomes almost normal, people start piecing together what they have just witnessed.

Factors Affecting The Witness’ Credibility

  • Viewpoint and location of the witness in respect to the accident spot
  • The physical condition of the witness
  • The character of the witness

Final Words

Some intrinsic problems may arise, as people are likely to see the same thing differently. One witness may describe that the car was travelling at a high speed whereas for other person, it may be within the permissible limit. It does not necessarily mean that one of the witnesses is distorting the truth. In fact, they may have different opinions and conclusions about the same event observed by them.

A witness’ credibility is affected and judged by several factors. That is why, while making an accident claim to an insurance company, you should provide the details of the witness supporting your statement regarding the car accident and casualties caused by it. But it is important that you have enough reasons to believe that the witness is credible.

You will gain nothing from the witness’ account of the accident if there is a question mark on the person’s credibility. In fact, it can be a hindrance for you to get a just amount of compensation.

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