Do you know that your bikes get ill when they are let not used for long days? Yes, not just bike every machine when not touched for a long time it will result in damage. Like your body mechanism, bikes also result in various operating troubles when not used for long days. This situation is quite common at your pandemic times. Due to lock down, you cant move out from your place and bike rides are completely impossible. Moving out your bikes during the lockdown is considered a violation of the rule. You may be fined and punished by the cobs. Don’t worry if your bikes are healthy. Here you may find better tips to maintain your bike during a pandemic:

Maintenance tips for new motorcycles:

You may own any type of motorbike with various special features. You can commonly follow certain things for all varieties of bikes to maintain their durability and engine efficiency. To have included the below practices in your everyday routine.

Right parking spot:

Right parking spot is important for the fule sustainability and colour sustainability of your motorbike. It would be best if you prefer a place with shade and low ventilation. You must also cons9ider a clean place because a dirt-filled place will leave the dust sediments on the surface of the motorcycle, and that may result in fading of colour. You must prefer the best colour-coated vehicle to maintain the colour during a pandemic. The various coating of Hero Splendour Plus colours can be maintained by wiping in at a regular frequency.

Cover it up:

Covering your bike must be made as a routine if placed in the shade because the covers protect your vehicle from dust when left unused. When your bike is exposed to more dust, the dust might invade the interior parts of the engine. Those dust sediments, when fixed with the engine it may reduce the operating speed of the motorcycle. The bike experts recommend buying a hf deluxe cover when you buy a brand new bike and helmet.

Let it roar:

Even though you can ride them, you can start the motorbike and let them roar for a few minutes. This will help them to maintain their fast pick up when you use them next time. The roaring must to do with a stable speed to maintain the efficiency of the engine.

Lubrication and cleaning:

This is one of the main things for maintaining your motorbike efficiency during your pandemic. It is a fact that you can’t check your bike with a trained mechanic. But still, you can do some of the regular basic cleanings with the help of available cleaning equipment like cloth and distil water. Regular cleaning is a must for the durability and performance of your bike. If not, it will result in it rusting. You must make the perfect cleaning process after gaining knowledge with online expert advice. Stock some lubricants in your home and Include lubrication in your regular cleaning.

Bottom line:

Maintaining a bike is more important for its consistent performance and durability. So consider following the easy tips to avoid more expense with the future damages.

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