Automobile upkeep is a lot of work; and it can be expensive when you have to take your car in for every single scheduled oil change, lube job, tire rotation, and other maintenance and repair tasks.  Of course, it is typically a fair price to pay when you think about the alternative.

Indeed, auto maintenance requires a specific knowledge and skill set that not everyone learns.  And even if you try to learn it, perhaps this type of work is simply not your thing.  However, there are a few things you could try to learn to do if you wanted to save a little money.

Yes, there are many standard auto maintenance tasks that you can probably learn to do at home, perhaps with a little assistance from the internet.  Image result for Auto Care You Should And Could Do Yourself

Auto Maintenance You Should Do

You probably know that you should have your oil changed about once every 3 months (or 3,000 miles).  This is just a guideline, of course, and it won’t necessarily hurt your engine if you fluctuate a bit.  Still, to get the most out of your engine, stick to the timeline.  While the job typically only costs $25 to $40, this is certainly something you can learn to do in no time at all.

In addition, you could also learn to change your radiator fluid. This is a job you should do about once every 24k to 36k miles. Using the same timeline as your engine oil, that puts radiator fluid checkups at about about once every 2-3 years.  Again, this can fluctuate depending on the demand you put on your car and the conditions in which you drive.

Auto Maintenance You Might Do

Some maintenance tasks are a little more complicated. Still, you might consider trying to do them yourself to continue saving some money.  For example, you should inspect—and possibly change—your brake pads about once a year. This job requires a bit more specialized knowledge—and a few professional garage tools helps—but you could save quite a bit of cash changing out your own brake kits.

Similarly, you might also consider rotating your own tires (though it is definitely much easier to have this done in a shop) as well as inspecting and possibly changing the various belts under the hood.


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