Personal injury case arises when you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else. In such a case, the victim has the right to demand compensation through court. For this purpose, a legal professional is needed to represent the person in court. An experienced law firm dealing with personal injury cases is what the victim needs to look for. If you are seeking Austin injury lawyer, then you will find many law firms providing experienced attorneys to fight personal injury cases in Austin and other parts of Texas. Everything right from collecting evidence, recording witness statements, negotiating with the insurance company and filing case is done by the personal injury lawyer while the client recovers from his/her injury.

Some of the kinds of personal injury cases that are covered by the law firms have been discussed here.

Construction site injury

A worker suffering a serious injury due to an accident in a construction site can file a lawsuit against the employer to obtain compensation for the injury. The worker needs to get in touch with Austin injury lawyer. The lawyer needs to prove in a court of law that the employer was negligent in providing proper safety measures and the unsafe conditions resulted in an accident which grievously injured the client. The investigator is sent to the site by the lawyer to collect evidence. Expert opinion is also taken to strengthen the case against the employer. The injured party can claim compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and loss of earning in the future due to the injury.

Head injury


The head injury caused due to the negligence of someone else calls for a lawsuit. The person who has undergone head injury can suffer from a number of grave medical issues such as concussions, brain damage, fractured skull, impaired motor responses, blurred vision, slurred speech, trauma, etc. The victim can also suffer permanent disability, dementia and other issues which ruin his/her life. Thus, a personal injury lawyer needs to be contacted to file a case against the negligent party. The lawyer presents medical experts in the court who give testimonies pertaining to the extent of head injury of the client, degree of medical care required, harm caused to the future of the client and pain and suffering caused to the client due to the head injury. The damages are calculated and demand for compensation is made by the personal injury lawyer. In case of trial, the personal injury lawyer fights the case in order to extract maximum compensation for the client.

Police excesses

Police officers can use force to apprehend or interrogate suspects. But excessive use of force resulting in injury to the suspect is illegal and the police officer can be held responsible for the injury. The personal injury lawyer needs to prove in the court that much more than the required force was used by the police officer against the client. An experienced Austin injury lawyer will present irrefutable evidence in court to hold the police officer responsible for the use of excessive force. In case the liability is proved, the police officer is required to pay for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages and loss of income in the future due to the injury. Compensation for pain, suffering, disfigurement and emotional trauma caused by the injury to the victim also needs to be paid by the police officer.






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