Having detailed information about a Collision Center is an imperative if you are an automobile owner. They are generally scattered across the entire province. But it becomes your duty to procure the required details about the centers. Here you can report car accidents, vehicle collisions and get to know about the recovery procedure after an accident.

Are You Involved In The Accident?

Statistics reveal that one-third of the cases have the owners involved in the accident. This is a shocking revelation and there can be no denial. If you are involved in the accident, there will be a question that is to be answered. There are effective ways on how to handle an automobile collision. In this article, we will throw light on handling such crisis situations.

Steps To Be Taken After the Accident

In case you have an involvement in the accident, staying calm becomes an imperative. In a serious situation, you must find out if there is an injury. If any individual gets injured, call the toll free number to seek medical assistance. In case nobody is injured, you must proceed to make a report at the collision reporting center. You should report in the city where the accident has occurred and not at a reporting center nearby your place.

You must assess the damage of your automobile. It is important that the kind of damage is noted carefully. This is because you might be asked about that in details later on.

Before leaving the scene, it is to be ensured that the drivers involved have information about the following:

  • the license number
  • the driver’s name and other contact details
  • insurance policy number
  • license plate number
  • insurance company names

You should have sufficient information about the weather conditions, the exact time of the occurrence and the location of the accident.

Reporting the Accident

You should not delay in reporting the accident the accident might leave your vehicle to the extent of immobilization. In such a case, a Tow Truck needs to be called. They take your vehicle to a nearby collision reporting center.

As soon as you arrive an officer will inspect your vehicle. Upon the completion of the procedure, the Tow Truck driver might take it to a nearby repair destination.

Insurance Coverage

If proven that you were not at fault and you have an insurance policy, you will be compensated adequately. The areas of compensation are-

  • car rentals
  • car repair
  • reimbursement for the vehicle
  • inspections
  • storage fees

If you need assistance to know more about the details of the insurance policy, speak to your insurance agent right away.

A Concluding Note

In a nutshell, an auto Body Shop or a collision reporting center takes a lot of work for one day. So, if you are longing to get your vehicles repaired, there should be no wasting time. Here, the staffs are professionally trained. They have proper credentials and are considered as leaders in the auto body industries. Dedicated professions are doing their best. From production to quality check, every aspect is continually growing. The Collision Repair Advisor acts as a liaison between the team and the customers.


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