You actually don’t need to be a car enthusiast or an absolute car lover before you can give your car the TLC treat it deserves. As a matter of fact, caring for your car is more like taking care of your office, home, and room. It is all about hygiene, cleanliness, and safety.

It is true that the word detailing can often throw ‘rev-head’ meanings, but the term could simply mean car washing, but to a greater to detail and specificity. Car detailing often requires lots of niche knowledge and skill.

Nevertheless, when it comes to keeping your car new and fresh while maintaining its condition and finish for a longer time, detailing is an essential you can’t neglect. It helps reduce the wear and tear of your car. For instance, when you get car detailing for your car, the detailer will go as far as shampooing your interior upholstery such as the seats, carpet, and mats to make sure that your car doesn’t just look good in the outside, but also clean and sparkling from the inside.


What Exactly Is Car Detailing?

Without any story, car detailing involves cleaning a car inside out – full bonnet to bumper cleaning that reaches every nook and crannies of the car. Just as the name suggests, car detailing involves paying huge attention to details and most times, specialized equipment is required to achieve thorough cleaning and premium results.

The ultimate aim of car detailing is to restore the paintwork of your car to a newer condition by removing every surface blemishes like swirl marks, scratches, marring or reducing them to a minimal and less severe state. When the job is done, wax or some sort of paint protection is typically applied to seal in that newness for a longer time.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps involves in car detailing. There are basically two main stages of detailing. The first is interior detailing and that is followed by the second which is exterior detailing. Let’s explain these in detail so you will know what exactly to expect from each stage.

#1: The exterior car detailing

This involves taking care of all the external regions of your car, particularly the paintwork. Apart from washing the car to make sure the car is well maintained, exterior detailing also pays more attention to cleaning every part of your car, including the wheels which are often the dirtiest part of a car. Scratches and swirls will also be removed in the process. However, the end results from scratch removal will depend on how deep the scratch has etched through.

#2: The interior car detailing

This often involves shampooing the inside of the car and vacuuming it in order to remove all accumulated dirt found inside the car. This also includes cleaning the interior glass windows using IPA to achieve a streak-free finish. Plastics and vinyl will also be cleaned and well-dressed after the detailing. In order to maintain their texture and material integrity under strenuous conditions, they will be coated with a film.


How Do You Know Which Of The Car Detailing Service To Opt For?

Take a quick examination of your car and decide whether you need an interior or exterior car detailing or both. After doing that, you can now do some research to find the best company that offers the exact services you need.

After getting a couple of companies that match your search, it is important you check the reviews from customers about them. Check out what other previous customers have said about them. That will give you a better insight into what to expect from their services too.


So, What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Car Detailed?

There are several benefits you stand to gain from getting your car detailed. Some of them include:

  • Offers great protection to your car

Having your car detailed provides an extra layer of protection against all the elements. If you regularly have a quality exterior car detailing, it will protect the exterior of the car from rust and other contaminations. Here, ceramic coating is a perfect decision for your pride and joy because it offers unmatched gloss, shine, and superior protection that you can’t find in any other, while also lasting for years.

  • It improves the value of your car

Apart from helping your car retain its shine over the years, keeping your car in good condition will help improve the value of the car. This will definitely come in handy when the time comes for you to sell the car in the future. However, when choosing a detailer, make sure you go for a good one as good detailers will know just how to bring back the beauty of your car while also increasing its value for a resale.

Well, here you have it, from the best car detailing Hornsby has to offer. It’s clever car care convenience, delivering you the shine every drive of the way.

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