Many of us will experience some kind of traffic accident in our lives. We might be driving the car or be a passenger, but we will get to see the amount of damage that is caused by a small collision. New, modern cars are designed to crumple to provide maximum protection for those in the cat and so when you get out, to survey the damage, you see that a little ding in your car causes much more damage that you thought it would. After checking that everyone is OK, your mind turns to how much this is going to cost you to get fixed.

Save Money.

Many people think new parts or panels are the answer, but there is a much better, cheaper solution available. Second hand parts from new and used vehicles are available at most Perth wreckersyards, and they are available for a fraction of what they cost new. There is no need to go to the main dealer where you bought the car because they are so expensive and you may have to wait for the part. Most wreckers in Perth have a vast amount of parts sitting there on their shelves just waiting for the right person to come along and pick them up.

As Good As New.

When you visit a wrecker’s yard in the Perth area, you will probably see some badly smashed up vehicles, but inside those carsare parts that have never been damaged and are as good as new. When parts are taken from the car, they are checked to make sure they are functional and they are going to do the job you want them for. What’s more, because the people there took them out of the car, they can assist you with advice on how to install them in your car. They keep parts and panels for all the new models and for many of the older models too.


Something that is often overlooked is the environmental impact these wreckers. When you wisely decide to buy a used part, you are insuring that another part doesn’t have to be made to replace the one that you bought new thus decreasing your carbon footprint. Remember, electricity and factories have to manufacture these new parts and some wreckers yards will offer a little money from your old part also. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Excellent Buying Experience.

If you go to your local Perth wreckers business and they don’t have the part you need, you don’t have to worry. Many of them will try to source the part and get it for you. Even if it’s outside Australia, they can still source it and get it here for you. If you are unsure if you need additional parts to go with the one you need, they are more than happy to advise you and to make sure that your buying experience is a good one.

So, buying second hand parts is a great way to get a quality part at a greatly reduced price. It saves you money and time and that’s a good thing. Go check out your local wreckers business today. It’s very likely they have the part you need.