Armored vehicles are highly secured mode of transportation that is used by high-profile people for their safety. These vehicles not only provide the highest level of security but are also known for their discreet look. However, manufacturing such vehicles involves a very complex process and demands high technical knowledge. That is why there are very few companies in the market who can provide armored vehicles. 

This blog covers essential manufacturing steps that are involved in the making of the armored vehicles:

  • Consultation Process: First, clients are asked about the type of vehicle they need, model of the vehicle, level of protection required, and desired interior modifications. Then accordingly, these changes are incorporated in that particular vehicle. 
  • Vehicle Remodeling: The main motive of armoring is to create an overall safety envelope for the passenger. For this, various spare parts such as glass, floors, doors, roofs, pillar posts, tyres, fuel tank, and batteries are securely modified and refitted in the vehicle, ensuring the highest degree of protection. 
  • Ballistic Reinforcements: After the required modifications and refitting the spare parts, the next step is to perform ballistic reinforcements. Effective ballistic reinforcements ensure that the vehicle can withstand or ambush any terror attack or even a chemical explosion.
  • Installing Ballistic Glasses: The windows of the armored vehicles are made from glass and polycarbonate substrates and are very lightweight. They are designed in such a way that they can absorb energy from explosions and attacks, assuring complete security of the passenger. 
  •  Weld-free Stage: Once the modification is complete, the manufacturers use weld-free technology to effectively mount the ballistic steel around the vehicle. Also, this stage involves incorporating a ‘hinge door support’ in the vehicle in order to accommodate the additional weight which is being added during the armoring process. 
  •  Overall Protection: Apart from the general exteriors, armored vehicles also require other modifications. Dual ram bumpers are installed in the vehicle so that it is able to push itself out of dangerous circumstances. Further, the vehicles are equipped with the ‘run flat’ tyres, which allow an individual to drive at a speed of 60-miles-per-hour. Additionally, the floor is cocooned with a material that can absorb bomb fragmentation. 

In this way, an armored vehicle is designed to keep you safe all the time. If you want to invest in the same, you can check out armored vehicles for sale at Troy Armoring that perfectly caters to all your safety needs.  

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